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Pastor Greg

One lady who had diabetes saw a ball of fire about the size of a soft ball enter her abdominal region as you were praying for her. She later found out from her physician that the location where she saw the fire is where her pancreas is located. She was healed of diabetes from that night on.<br /><br />One man who was diagnosed as bi-polar, responded to a word of knowledge Keith had concerning individuals with bi-polar disorder. He was healed and His psychiatrist pronounced him cured and said he didn't need to see him or any other psychiatrist any more. <br /><br />One man whose wife had been praying for him for years was touched by revival fire in the Saturday night meeting and has gone from cold to "on fire" for God. He now seldom misses a service, including the prayer meetings.<br /><br />Many were healed of all types of chronic pain, including back pain.<br /><br />Several families were added to the church.<br /><br />The entire church is on a new level of power, anointing and revelation. Waves of healing flow through the church regularly. And words of knowledge are more detailed and specific.

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