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Pastor Jim Copeland

Prophet/Evangelist Keith and Janet Miller<br />Stand Firm World Ministries<br />Amarillo, TX<br /><br />Dear Keith,<br /><br />Just a quick report of our meetings in November of last year and the meetings this past week, as well as the Texas Ablaze Conferences in Dallas and in Houston, TX.<br /><br />I believe I can sum up all that has happened to us personally and to our church with just one word. GLORY! In November we had four glorious days of impartation, revelation, demonstration, and visitation. The very first Word of Knowledge you had was that there was a lady present that had a neck injury. That was my wife! She jumped up to receive her healing and for the first time in over a year, she was able to move her neck without excruciating pain. There were various other notable healings as God moved with signs, wonders, and miracles. We had visiting area pastors who received Words from the Lord that greatly impacted their ministries. (That's our heart<br />beat--"Ho, everyone who is thirsty, come to the waters and drink.") Of all the ministers that we have had come to minister in our church, I personally believe that your ministry has had the greatest impact upon our church in bringing us to greater levels, through prophetic revelation and impartation, equiping us to reach our city and our region.<br /><br />Following our November meeting, I went to the Dallas Ablaze Conference. There was such an awesome, manifest presence of God there as you and Todd Bentley ministered, along with worship leader, Dennis See. Each service seemed to break off layers over that region, resulting in a mighty explosion of revealed prophetic destiny for that area. I left Dallas thinking to myself, "Can it get any better than this?"<br /><br />That question was answered in the Ablaze Conference held in Humble, Texas a couple of weeks ago, as you, Todd Bentley, and worship leaders Dennis See and Jason Upton ministered under a powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit. Although there were assignments against that meeting, they were broken in the Name of Jesus, and the Spirit of God moved with such intensity that we saw the Houston region greatly impacted in the realms of the Spirit positioning it for what I believe will be a "tidal wave" that will literally sweep over this strategic region resulting in a harvest of souls for the Kingdom of God. The "lid" over the region seemed to break open in the Saturday morning service as you ministered. At the point in your message when the Lion of Judah "swooshed" into the room and everybody jumped to their feet and begin to shout, the roar was deafening. At that point, it was as if Heaven was opened over the Houston region. WOW! Look out Houston, Texas and the entire region. The King of Glory is coming through the open gates.<br /><br />The week following the Houston Conference, you came to Winnie, TX for four more glorious services. The theme God had given you for this meeting, "Opening up the Gates", was prophetic, as you began to redig and unplug the wells of intercession for our church and the region. Again our church was brought to new levels of destiny and the impartation they received as you ministered has brought such excitment and anticipation and hunger for God's Kingdom to be established.<br /><br />Keith and Janet, thank you for your Godly ministry. Our prayer for you is that God will continue to open up doors for your ministry to impact churches, cities, and regions for the Kingdom of God.<br /><br />Jim &amp; Molly Copeland<br />Pastors<br />Living Water Church<br />Winnie, Texas

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