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Medy Rochester Mn

<strong><em></em></strong>Keith Miller came to Rochester MN. We didn't know what to expect because most people around here never heard of him. The name was familiar but didn't really know much or anything about him. All we knew was God wanted him here for a reason and Divine Appointment. IT was just that!! I<br /> <p><br />It was our time for the Lord through Keith to release and impart mantels and the lightenings of God. <br /><br />My life has transformed and been put in super-speed. Something broke not only in my heart and spirit but over the entire region. Since then the Lord has sent a healing pool to our meetings and the Lord continues to do the impossible.<br /><br />And if there was a time we can pin point when this stirring of the water began - I would have to say it was when Keith Miller came and the lightenings of God were released. <br /><br />The most personal thing that happened was during the ministry time. I was up front crunched amongst the people pressing in. <br /><br />And Keith said to me "look at me - the Lord is going to heal your emotions" - then he said "there it is". I physically felt this warm blanket come over me. I alway thought my emotions were healed - but that day the Lord did a finished work within me. <br /><br />I have not been the same since. And spiritually I feel I have been launched out. The joy and strength that resides in me does not go away. It's been 2 months!!! <br /><br />My church is having Keith returning in November with a blow out worship conference! I am expecting God to show up <br />in a way yet to be seen on earth!! I can hardly wait to see Keith and what God has given him to bring to our region again!! <br /><br /><br />Medy <br />Rochester MN</p>

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