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What a great Conference

To Prophet Keith and Janet Miller,<br /><br />It is with great pleasure that I write you to express our appreciation for how the Lord used you all. We are getting praise reports every day and the revelation and freedom our people are experiencing is life changing.<br /><br />Keith, many of the comments have been how you have matured, gotten deeper and how the increase in power was evident during our prophetic conference. The word challenged us and my leaders are still talking about it. The way you impart to leaders and congregation members is excellent. Your ministry has the anointing to bring the pew setter into the ministry and it helps them to participate in the entire service including altar ministry. People who are new to the charismatic expression and the prophetic ministry are comfortable with you and your staff.<br /><br />It was a joy to see our members and staff ministering together in a powerful way as they laid hands on people in a double-team prayer line. I witnessed great breakthrough and confidence rise up in many of our church's ministry team and members as they followed your instructions and lead during altar ministry.<br /><br />Janet was a great asset to the conference and her strong presence and faith made the meetings much deeper and more meaningful. With Janet there your anointing was increased and made more effective.<br /><br />Thanks again for being a ministry of integrity, honor and sensitivity. Stand Firm World Ministries has made a definite impact in Peoria, Illinois and at Christ the King Family Church.<br /><br />Love,<br />PT &amp; PD

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