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Janet Smith

<p>In November of last year, the Lord told me to purchase your book Surrender to the HOLY SPIRIT. I have wanted that book for years and could not afford it at the time I went online made the purchase, he then said to purchase one for my Mom and for a friend of mine. I went to visit my Mom for Thanksgiving and brought the book to her. She was not in the least bit interested, she had asked me to purchase another book for her so I knew until she got what she wanted she would not read it. As I prepared to leave I was upset that she showed no interest, I wanted to take it back but HOLY SPIRIT would not allow me. I received the two additional books and I began to read. I was so touched by HOLY SPIRIT. In late December I received a call from my Mom, she said Oh my Lord that book that book I can not believe this book I can not put it down. She said my Lord it is better than the other book. I said well the Lord told me to purchase it. She takes it everywhere she goes and recommends it to anyone that will listen. The final book I gave to my friend on the 21st of January 2013. she begin reading it a week or so later. One day she was reading she ask her husband if he wanted to hear, he said yes and she read it to him. She then gave him the book so he could read. That was on a Wednesday she called me on Thursday to inform me that her husband who is a very quite mild mannered gentleman got up in church and began to tell the people what GOD had did for him and his wife just reading that book and how he was going to buy the book for others to sow into their lives he wanted to see GOD to do for others what he was doing in them. Thank GOD and may He be glorified forever and ever</p>

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