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A flow of Forgiveness <br /><br />Dear Pastor Keith &amp; Family: <br /><br />I wanted to tell you about what the Lord did through your meetings. I am a Christian and an Administrator of a nursing home in the area. One of my housekeepers was not doing her job well and I had to give her a written warning on two separate occasions. Since her work was not improving, I moved her to the laundry dept., which she did not like. Several days after that she quit without notice. <br /><br />One day as I was looking out my window, I saw her come up the walkway with flowers in her hand. Much to my surprise, the receptionist announced that she wanted to see me! Once in my office she proceeded to tell me that she was very suicidal but started going to your revival meetings. The Lord spoke to her heart there and said in order for her to get over the depression, she must forgive everyone who had offended her and ask then for her forgiveness. We prayed together in my office that day and she is truly set free from the grips of suicide. Praise God! <br /><br />I also went to several of your meetings and want to thank you and your family for laying down your lives so that others could live. You all are a blessing and please come again. <br /><br />Georgeann

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