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Melanie Hewitt

<p> I received an e-mail invitation/announcement of the coming meeting of the follow-up of Texas Ablaze. I really wanted to go so much, but could not because of scheduling. So, I opened your e-mail and began to read of the upcoming event. I continued to read about the miracle healing of necks. I could feel my faith rise and could not wait to click the link in the letter to watch. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that this was my time to be healed......and so I was!!!! As Keith Miller announced that the anointing had come to heal necks, I started to move my neck believing that I would surely receive my healing. ALL OF MY NECK PAIN IS GONE!!! I had had serious neck pain most of my life and once was diagnosed that the curve in my neck WAS the exact opposite of normal, evidently from some sort of trauma(s). Added benefits are that I can breathe better, turn my neck fully in all directions, as well as sit and stand taller. I have other spine issues and am believing that God will heal these, too. Praise God!!!!! Thank you for your faithfulness, and may God increase your great passion for the works of the Spirit of the Lord!</p>

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