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I used to hate church and mock it. <br /><br />Dear Keith: <br /><br />I just wanted to send you a quick note telling you how blessed I was by those few meetings. <br /><br />God is doing a mighty work in my life and the people around me. I am just so blessed. So blessed to be part of what God is doing. During the meetings God just poured out His love on me, and all I could was cry. <br /><br />The Lord revealed to me things in my life that need to get rid of before He can take me deeper and higher with Him. I find myself getting easily frustrated, but God is showing me that I can't do everything on my own, that all I really need to do is get into the Word and give my problems to Him. <br /><br />Well, I just wanted to tell you thank you. Before you had come here last year I would do absolutely everything I could to get out of church. I hated church, I hated what church was doing to my parents. I didn't understand anything that went on. My friends would come to church with me and we would just sit in the back and mock everything. God really used you to change my life. I never saw anyone who was so on fire and serious about there faith and everything as you do. <br /><br />You have so much love that's really what I needed to see. I've never been the same since that one night when I gave myself back to God. <br /><br />I just wanted to thank you for your obedience to God, because I can almost guarantee that if you would have never came here, I would still be on that road of destruction. <br /><br />Thank You. <br /><br />Love, <br />Megan

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