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Christine White

Good Morning Pastors Janet and Keith Miller,<br /> &nbsp;<br /> I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for the great job that You are doing in the name of the Lord. I have had the opportunity to attend Two of your conferences in a 5 month period , as of November 2010. They have been Spirit filled blessings and the last one Access, wow! <br /> <br /> I was blessed tremendously and It was a constant rich diet from day to day. Each of your speakers had something to say that Spoke to my spirit man and challenged me to be greater in my walk then I have been. I have had the pleasure of giving my pastors, Howard and Violet Smith a blow by blow account Of the conference and I hope to travel back to Texas sometime with the next 12 months or so,(or as the Lord leads) This time with at least one of my Pastors. Pastor Miller, I just wanted you to know that after I attended your first conference At the Sheraton DFW I was overwhelmed by the amount of caring and love that exuded from your persona, I was Impressed to see just how genuine you was and that you are on fire for the Lord.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> It was a pleasure to sow into your ministry, I believe it is good ground and that my seeds will produce a great harvest, Thank you for your constant emails with updates of SFWM&rsquo;s events and their highlights, <br /> <br /> <br /> May the Lord richly, bless you and Pastor Janet and your entire household as you continue advancing the kingdom of God, God&rsquo;s blessings upon you as you go throughout this great day! <br /> <br /> <br /> Christine White &ndash; a member of Abraham Seed Christian Center, Bermuda

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