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Maria Alaniz

Our first meeting in Houston July 31st was life changing, My husband was set free from the bondage of smoking for 32 yrs. God spoke to me in that meeting and told me that my mountain has been moved, for a year and a half we were trying to get modification on home so that we would not lose our home.We had been declined several times, we didn't qualify for any Obama programs for forclousres. In my time with the Lord he said your mountain has been moved time went on and here we were getting atty letters saying home was going to sell in forclouser on Dec 7th, 2010 a week before the 7th a lady from mortgage co. called and said they were going to give us 2.75% interest and that we were going to keep our home! PRAISE GOD! He did move my mountain, a yr and half and down to the wire we had breakthrough. Our God is never late but on time! My husband and I are filled with the fullness of God that was imparted through SFWM. It is a feeling of combustion, every meeting brings us into the deepest parts of His mysteries. Vision,dreams and signs are over flowing in our lives. Our Children are teenage and young adults and it is this generation that Keith is wanting to reach and it's working, two children want to do mission work with SFWM. Generations are being touched. All to the Glory of GOD! Waking up every morning with the manifestions that the Holy Spirit brings is the awesomeness of our GOD, that is how my mornings have been since the meeting in Dec 2010. Glory to GOD.

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