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<p>Keith &amp; Janet Miller,<br /> &nbsp;<br /> My wife and I attended several of your meetings this past fall mainly at the DFW Bridge church in Irving TX&nbsp;<br /> <br /> We had a wonderful and blessed time in the Lord with the worship and ministry in the meetings at the DFW Bridge Church in Irving TX.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> At one of those meetings you called my wife Eloise up to the front to pray for her healing of diabetes.&nbsp; As you grabed her hand in a handshake position, the power of God hit her like she had grabed hold of a live electrical wire coming straight out of the wall socket.&nbsp; You called out a word of knowledge that she was being healed of high liver emzyines.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> I had never heard a healing pastor call that particular thing out before.&nbsp; It wasn't what she originally went up for prayer for, but we said ok and took it in faith as a one step at a time healing.&nbsp; She had always had high liver emzyines on her blood work for a few years prior to this, but due to the other medical problems it was always dismissed by the doctors as ok to be high.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> This last week, my wife went into our new doctor for some routine blood work and today she got back the test results at a follow up visit.&nbsp; I was expecting as usual for the new doctor to say the liver emzyines were high since it had been over 6 months since we attended your meetings I didn't even think about the word of knowledge you called out at that time.&nbsp; However, to our surprise and joy the liver emzyines in the blood work came out normal for the first time in almost 10 years!&nbsp; Praise the Lord!&nbsp; I then remembered the word of knowledge that you had spoken.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Also, the new doctor today said that even the diabetes is cureable with weight loss as the prior doctors had been saying all along this is a lifetime disease and there is no hope for a cure and the only thing we could do was take more medicine.&nbsp; We are still standing in faith for a full healing of diabetes, please continue in prayer for this healing.&nbsp; Thank you for your ministry unto the Lord and God Bless you as you continue on in His grace and mercies.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> in Christ,</p> <p>Brian &amp; Eloise Collins</p>

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