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Laura S. Ullstrom

Free from grieving a loss and depression,loss of direction; breakthorough. Hand and finger and thumb healed, mainly pointer finger joints inflamed and increasingly worse over many years. (Gave me a testimony to share). Also I think a pain that reoccured occasionaly, in my hip seems to be gone. At beginning of meeting I couldn't focus for a headache distracting me. As we were told to hold hands and pray for one another the lady beside me prayed and it was instantly gone, plus I was told I would have dreams of instructions from the Lord. I think that is where the release of grief came in. Also, I had pretty much lost faith, hope along with joy for a long time. Also ha ha I learned something more about giving and really appreciated the teaching on that. (Thought I knew it all,oops).So I gave a 'seed offering' mainly for my daughters salvation then also, "That as for me and my house--". I got home that same evening and my daughter was watching Billy Graham (they assumed that was where I had gone, since it was a big meeting)and asking her grandmother questions about church and being a Christian. Then my granddaughter mentioned that she thinks when nursing school is over she feels she wants to be a medical missionary.(She is a Christian already). So a lot has happened and probably even more than I know. Thank you all for your obedience. Great Party!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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