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Pastors Mark & Jill Kauffman, House of Jubilee

Leadership and church refreshed. <br /><br />The first weekend was very powerful. The praise and worship was awesome and the word that went forth from Brother Keith was powerful. <br /><br />The presence of God was very heavy and the people were very hungry for Him. I believe the people were just so hungry for God, regardless of whether or not He did anything at all, that he actually did above and beyond what we even expected.<br /><br />The miracles were manifested every service. There were many physical healings-backs, necks, heart problems, and disease. Testimonies began the next day after the very first meeting. <br /><br />But what we also witnessed, especially in our own leadership and people, was a REFRESHING of the Holy Spirit. Weariness, oppression, laxness, etc... were swept away in a fresh wind of the Spirit. <br /><br />A renewal in the hearts and minds of the people took place. A renewed fire in the hearts of the people for MORE OF GOD! <br /><br />We asked Brother Keith and Sister Janet to stay another weekend. The same thing happened again. <br /><br />People came from all over and were sovereignly touched by the Holy Spirit. People that believed in God but just couldn't believe that He still moves today in the miraculous, were supernaturally touched and changed! Mindsets were changed. <br /><br />We give all the glory to the Lord Jesus Christ. He loves His people and wants us healed and delivered more than we ever want it for ourselves! God is a good God and we praise Him for His goodness and mercy. <br /><br />Pastors Mark &amp; Jill Kauffman <br />House of Jubilee <br />New Castle, PA

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