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Tage Mathisen

As a pastor/teacher for more than 20 years, I had many times preached against being slain in the spirit. I said often, this can't be the Lord, because the Lord raises people up, he is not knocking them down. <br /> <br /> Then at a friday meeting whith Keith, he calls me forth for something, there is many people there and then he takes my hand and starts to blow on my stomach as he says, fire. I am standing there looking at him, and thinking, I am not going down. <br /> <br /> Then suddenly I just fall down, and are out for 15 minutes, I try to get up and and&nbsp;falls over a chair, crying and snoring, then after new 15 minutes I try to get up and fall direct down on the floor, and I am out for more than 45 minutes. <br /> <br /> That day the Holy Spirit rearrange me totally and I begin to flow in a prophetic river and a new anointing for ministry. <br /> <br /> God bless Keith in the name of Jesus.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Your brother in Christ Tage Mathisen

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