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JoAnn Ramirez

JoAnn Ramirez<br /> <br /> JoAnn had taken her 3 year old daughter, Crookly, to Cooks Children&rsquo;s Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas. Crookly had a growth on her arm at the bone and was sent from Odessa TX, to Cooks Children&rsquo;s Hospital in Fort Worth for Special Medical Attention. The growth pronounced cancerous and little Crookly and had undergone Surgery to remove the growth. <br /> <br /> JoAnn saw that Keith Miller was having a meeting in Dallas Texas and took Crookly to the meeting desperate for healing and standing on God promises for Crookly&rsquo;s life and future. At the meeting JoAnn brought Crookly up to Keith for Prayer. Keith prayed for Crookly&rsquo;s healing knowing the nothing is impossible with God! Later JoAnn received the report from growth lab work and the tests showed the growth to be non-cancerous. <br /> <br /> Glory to GOD!

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