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Come and see what God has done,
how awesome are his works in man's behalf! Psalm 66:5

Ministry Testimonies

Below are some testimonies that others have sent us.

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  • Carolyn Sissom
    Testimony from a Pastor
  • Sherri Wargin
    I received an impartation and activation from the Holy Spirit through Keith's ministry of the Spirit of Wisdom!
  • Christine White
    Good Morning Pastors Janet and Keith Miller, I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for the great job that You are doing in the name of the Lord. I have had the opportunity to attend Two of your conferences in a 5 month period , as of November 2010. They have been Spirit filled blessings
  • Pastor Gary and Carol
    Keith Miller and Stand Firm is a gift to the body of Christ . He was used to stir a deep hunger for the word of God and the God of the Word in us.
  • Tage Mathisen
    That day the Holy Spirit rearrange me totally and I begin to flow in a prophetic river and a new anointing for ministry.
  • Pastor Jeff
    Keith Miller’s ministry to One Voice at Heartland World Ministries Church was off the grid.
  • By Pastor Bob Sawvelle
    We were honored to host revivalist Keith Miller of Stand Firm World Ministries Jan. 9-11th for Tucson Ablaze meetings. Keith was such a blessing to our church family and to those in the city that attended the meetings. Each meeting was a fresh release of God’s presence, power and the word preached. I had several people tell me “these were some of the most powerful meetings we have ever held at our church” and indeed they were. Not only were we impacted by God’s presence and power through Keith’s ministry, but we were equally as touched by his humble nature that was real, accessible and friendly.
  • Greg Buzzanco
    The fire can be felt by all in the congregation resulting in true transformation from worldly cares and desires unto a passionate pursuing of the heart of God.
  • Susan
    You told me that in one hand I was holding a torch and you saw me touching people on the head with it like a scepter imparting into them the fire and glory of God (this was confirmation to a prophetic word that I had received earlier in the year that God had called me to be a "fire starter and a glory imparter" in the Body of Christ)
  • Bill & Carol Dew
    Many people said it looked like a stampede, with some actually jumping over the rows of chairs. And at least 95% of the church came forward.
  • Pastor Greg
    One man who was diagnosed as bi-polar, responded to a word of knowledge Keith had concerning individuals with bi-polar disorder. He was healed and His psychiatrist pronounced him cured and said he didn’t need to see him or any other psychiatrist any more.
  • Ryan Wyatt
    Keith, you pulled me out and gave me a prophetic word at the Healing Wells conference in Albany, Oregon.
  • Pastor Jim Copeland
    I believe I can sum up all that has happened to us personally and to our church with just one word. GLORY! In November we had four glorious days of impartation, revelation, demonstration, and visitation.
  • Medy Rochester Mn
    My life has transformed and been put in super-speed. Something broke not only in my heart and spirit but over the entire region. Since then the Lord has sent a healing pool to our meetings and the Lord continues to do the impossible.
  • Pastor Don
    Over the years I have had many seminars, conferences and special speakers, but I have never had anyone that I felt had the needs of the people at heart more than Keith did during the time he was with us.
  • Chris shared:
    "Thank you for fresh fire, renewed hope for Spirit Led life and His Glorious Presence."
  • Two glorious weeks of meetings!
    "Brother Keith minister under a deeper anointing in these meetings than we have ever seen him minister in before." Pastor Mark Kauffman
  • What a great Conference
    "Thanks again for being a ministry of integrity, honor, and sensitivity. Stand Firm World Ministries has made a difinite impact in Peoria, Illinois and at Christ the King Family Church." Pastor Tom
  • Georgeann
    A Flow of Forgiveness!
  • Pastors Mark & Jill Kauffman, House of Jubilee
    "But what we also witnessed, especially in our own leadership and people, was a Refreshing of the Holy Spirit. Weariness, oppression, laxness, etc...were swept away in a fresh wind of the Spirit."


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