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Come and see what God has done,
how awesome are his works in man's behalf! Psalm 66:5

Healing Testimonies

Below are some testimonies that others have sent us.

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  • debbie wright
    Healed my shoulder/arm/right side.
  • Melanie Hewitt
  • Brent Conn
    The damaged liver was healed that evening after those prayers and was verified the very next morning.
  • Brian
    However, to our surprise and joy the liver emzyines in the blood work came out normal for the first time in almost 10 years!
  • Mary Moseley
    Keith had prayed for my neck to be healed. Not only was my neck healed but my back also, Had back problems for 20 years, little scoleosis.
  • Amber Ritchie
    He healed me and took the pain out of my back and legs.
  • Brenda
    I had been crying out to GOD because I knew there was nothing the doctor could do for an injured tail bone and it would literally take months for it to heal. I was instantly healed and the pain left immediately.
  • Pastor Jarrod
    I want to share a few testimonies - A man from Littlefield, TX was at the meetings and was healed of bi-polar disorder (confirmed by doctors) and of diabetes! Praise God!
  • Linda
    True Riches CD Testimony As I was playing True Riches this morning, I heard you decreeing about the walls and to shout. Immediately I heard Holy Spirit say......"cell walls" as in cancer cell walls. I started declaring the walls to come down in a family member's body. I even danced on the walls and put them under my feet. I walked around the walls and shouted them down. This is revelation to me and what was hidden is now revealed.....true riches coming down from Heaven!!
  • Chris
    My right knee was healed and is still going strong.
  • Laura
    I was healed at Keith Miller's Partner Luncheon. I want to Shout it from the mountain Tops.
  • Janice
    Healed in the Liver! I received word today from my doctor's office that my liver functions are normal
  • Mary
    Yes we all received and witnessed miracles and healings. For me I had been praying for a deep breakthrough in inner healing. There is a seer gifting that had a generational stronghold still touching it. I remember you praying the scripture, "He who has the key of David, He who opens and no one shuts, and shuts and no one opens (Rev 3). Jesus did something really deep in me that night and praise God I will never be the same! The healing I recieved is on going, not just overcoming chronic fatigue and carpal tunnel ( I am working 6 days a week which in itself is a miracle)
  • Linda
    Keith Spoke out a healing for arthritis and my father claimed it for my husband. He had pain in both hips at the time.
  • George
    I was HEALED of CANCER while soaking to Keith's Atmoshpere of Heaven CD!!!
  • Tent Revival!
    And the Glory fell. A woman was healed from a blocked ear; pain disappeared from bodies, necks, backs and heart conditions were instantly healed
  • Julie
    Changed in her lungs!
  • Audrey
    Completely healed and I didn't need my crutches anymore! God is so Good
  • Amie
    These are all records for Jaxon! I want to give all the glory to the Lord for these increases! I have changed nothing in Jaxon's diet this month, I have not given him any extra calories than he normally gets. I know this is the work of the Lord's hand and I want to report of His faithfulness!
  • Mike
    This is my very first healing from an injury (19 years ago) and I give this testimony so that you may have faith that the same Lord Jesus who healed me wants to heal you too.


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