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Come and see what God has done,
how awesome are his works in man's behalf! Psalm 66:5

Breakthrough Testimonies

Below are some testimonies that others have sent us.

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  • Maria Alaniz
    Our first meeting in Houston July 31st was life changing, My husband was set free from the bondage of smoking for 32 yrs. God spoke to me in that meeting and told me that my mountain has been moved, for a year and a half we were trying to get modification on home so that we would not lose our home
  • Wanda Moore
    since I came in contact with your ministry over 5 years ago I have had blessings on top of blessings
  • Dana
    It just very uplifting and glory glory...being at these events takes off the years off of ya! It's awesome...no more stress, not more nothing just God.
  • Pastor Marie
    I praise God for you, the excellent way He always uses you when you minister on God TV!
  • Darlene
    Friday night when you were at Lakeland, Florida, when you pointed at the TV screen and declared addictions must go. my husband was completely delivered from smoking
  • Alice
    I was at your meetings here in San Antonio on Friday morning and evening and Saturday morning and evening. Aside from thoroughly enjoying the touch of God and being in wonder of the revelation that was brought forth from the word by Keith Miller, Bobby Connor and Denis Davis from San Antonio, something deeper took place in me.
  • Roger & Kerry
    Breakthrough! Breakthrough! Breakthrough! This past week during the Glory & Power Meetings held in San Antonio, Texas, we saw amazing things happen. First, building up to the meetings, I felt a stirring in my spirit that this was not going to be just another set of meetings. These meetings were holding an encounter for those wanting more of the Lord. As we walked in the first night, you could feel the expectation of those present already drawing the presence of the Lord down.
  • Janie
    Well to our surprise it was to the penny of what we had received. I heard it as loud as a trumpet blast.
  • Aaron
    At the conference you testified about God's favor and grace with quick deeds, when you spoke about this I felt the power of God moving.
  • Pastors LaRue & Anna
    but tonight the Is 11:2 anointing broke out. It was Holy Ghost Chaos. People were dropping everywhere. Entire sections and rows were dropping under the power of the Holy Spirit. This was a conservative word of faith church. Your bearing fruit in Korea.
  • Elaine Glass
    A prophesy about real estate.
  • frank gonzales
    I sat on the front roll all the meetings he was talking about a lot of thing but what hit me was you will,see,it hear,it and speak,it I was coming home on the air plain when god let me see a plastic bag with a zipper he gave me a Idea a Invention he told me to call it harvest zipper bags


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