Partner in the Harvest

Recently the Lord spoke to me about giving us one thousand partners in ministry as we go about doing His work. Partnership is something that is very precious to Janet and me, because we know every partner and gift are gifts and blessings from the Lord to us for His work through Stand Firm World Ministries in the nation and nations. Partnership enables us to be bold in our doing as we plan for the events in the regions the Lord puts upon our hearts.

Partnership also releases a blessing to you. You are partnering with the Lord, and He will honor that partnership. Through partnership, you are part of every effective work of the Lord—each and every thing! There is no way to list all that takes place, but be assured of this: You are part of it all!

As our partners, you are part of this with us. You are part of each life, family, church, business, region, state, and nation that will be in some way impacted by that four-day meeting! You may never meet the individuals who were there or hear directly all that happened, but the Lord knows, and He accounts it to your reward. This is exactly what He said in Philippians 4:17, Not that I seek or am eager for [your] gift, but I do seek and am eager for the fruit which increases to your credit [the harvest of blessing that is accumulating to your account]” (AMP).

This is exactly what Paul meant here. The Lord loves and honors partnership, the giving of finances into His work. Through the action of giving natural resources into Kingdom work, you are placing into God’s hands the natural substance called money and actually placing it in the supernatural realm of His presence and work. For this, there is a great eternal reward.

We invite you to become a monthly partner. We know the Lord will bless you and multiply your seed in a mighty way.

We would like to ask you to partner with us for a one-year commitment. I can be bold in this, because the Lord has put this on my heart to believe and ask for.

Richest blessings to you,

Keith & Janet 

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