Memorizing God’s Word

Memorizing God’s Word
Learning to Meditate on God’s Word
Four Keys in Memorization:
Memorize Foundational Scriptures
-Memorization of scripture will sharpen your spiritual acuity.
-It will change your prayer life as you will Pray the Word of God!
-It will challenge your way of thinking, as it renews your mind.
-It will change your decrees, as you will decree the promises from the Word of God.
-When you increase your Foundational scriptures  you will recognize truth from lies.
Memorize "Life Verses”
-Verses that speak to your live in your walk!
-Memorizing will help you understand what the Lord is doing in your life,
-As the Lord reveals these “Life Scriptures” 
Memorize Equipping Scripture
-Find out verses that will equip your Walk with the Lord
-If you want to grow in an area for ministry
Subject verses
-These are the things that you might be lacking in your life. 
Jesus had memorized the Scripture.   Mathew 4:1-11 He quoted scriptures when confronted by the Devil.   Because He had memorized scripture He was able to confront the enemy with the Scripture. The Scripture is full of Power!
He was also able to know how the enemy was twisting the Scripture or half-truths to snare Him. When we memorize scripture, the Holy Spirit is able to breathe upon the Word that we have hidden in our hearts that we can know truth from deception.
To many Christians have not establish the Scripture in their hearts and minds to have a solid foundation of scripture.  
We want to be filled full of the Spirit but also we want to be Word full also...
Memorization of the Scripture also helps you stay in tune with the Voice of the Lord...
Many times, in Scripture we see the Lord give prophetic instruction and wisdom through the scripture. This shows us the need to memorize scripture as the Holy Spirit will breathe upon the word and open greater levels of revelation & wisdom.  
We see Word fullness in Jesus and the early church...
Rote Learning is a memorization technique based on repetition.  Look at Deuteronomy Chapter 11:18-21.  
We are not spiritual because we go to church for an hour a week or some meetings but being spiritual is a way of Life!
You spend more time by yourself, with family or at work then at church or meetings. 
I want to encourage you to take it upon yourself to memorize scripture..  To commit to memory the Word of God..  This will greatly impact your life for the good!
2 Timothy 3:16,  "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness,"



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