His Power and Glory Psalms 63: Encountering the Word and Spirit

His Power and Glory Psalms 63 
Joy in the Fellowship of God

Learning to draw on communion with the Lord in times of Crisis. 

Learn to live in a place of the glory and power of God, and know that everything is going to be all right. 

When you encounter the glory and power of God, it will sustain you. 


Keys to unlocking God’s Power and Glory 

1  Desiring more of God.

2  Put your priority on your time with the Lord, First thing.

3  Make the Lord the center of your life.

4  Don’t fill your vacuum with what the world offers, seek the Lord first.

5  Don’t get complacent in your life with the Lord. Complacency wars against spiritual growth. Complacency will rob you of moving forward with God.

6  Learn to abide in the Presence of God.

7  Don’t lock into a “Method”, but rather stay dependent on the Power of God.

8. Study God’s promises of His Power and Glory. Acts 1:8, Hebrews 2:4, Psalms 63, Numbers 19, Psalms 24, Luke 5:17.



End Note:The essence of who we are we find in the essence of who He is.