Favor to see Success: Encountering the Word and Spirit

Favor to see Success!

Learning to live out of the supernatural favor of the Lord.

Living out of the substance of the Victory that the Lord made available to us on the Cross.

God's want to Favor you for your New time, New Things, New Opportunities.

Wisdom Insight:

  • Follow the plans of the Lord for your live with Integrity!
  • Learn to Follow the Lord through the Revelation of the Word and the Power of the Spirit.
  • When you go after new things with the Lord there will be obstacles, but it’s important to press in to your new things.
  • Be Strong in the Lord as you step into New Things, New Calls, and New Anointing.
  • When you have a promise from the Lord, Stand on that Promise and do not quit moving forward in the Promise.
  • Don't allow the circumstances of your beginning detour you from moving forward.
  • If you keep your expectation on the Lord your will not be disappointed by the challenges around you.
  • Learn to cultivate a heart of Gratitude. 
  • Focus on what God is doing in your life, and not on your circumstances. 
  • Begin to look for the glory of God instead of what is not taking place. Keep your eye on the Lord.
  • Learn to be like David and set your heart on the Lord, and He will give you the Kingdom.
  • When God favors you He can take tragedy and turn it into triumph!

Scripture Keys:

  1. John 15:5
  2. 1 Corinthians 15:10
  3. Psalms 37
  4. Zechariah 4
  5. 2 Kings 7:1-16
  6. Deuteronomy 33:23
  7. Romans 8:28

Expect that the Lord has more for you!