An Ambassador Of Christ: Encountering the Word and Spirit

An Ambassador Of Christ

Understanding Your Authority as an Ambassador of Christ.

Your words have power, as you are an ambassador for the Kingdom of God!


  • Jesus has broken the power of the devil. 
  • You are a gatekeeper for the King of Glory! 
  • When God speaks he thunders and breaks down strongholds.  
  • We only walk and appropriate in the measure of God's Power and Authority we understand.  
  • We need deeper understanding from the knowledge of God. 
  • When you live in the Wisdom of God you begin to change the atmosphere around you. 
  • The prince of the air(the devil) desires to bring chaos in the streets on our Nation, and the Nations.
  • Whenever the "breaker"(Jesus) breaks through, the effects of the enemy are broken and Liberty reigns. 
  • God's going to raise up people I this hour who will be messengers of fire.
  • Who are messengers of the covenant, which is the victory of the cross.   


Scriptures to Study.

Psalms 24

Romans 8 1

Corinthians 2

Ephesians 2:1-2

Isaiah 45:8

Luke 5

Malachi 3

Mark 16

Luke 9

Act 19:20

Ephesians 6

Job 22:27