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There is much to say and study on this powerful aspect of a national revival. But in our current society, we are in need of a powerful Awakening that literally awakens a generation to truth that sets us free and impacts the coming generations.


Here’s the word you need to lay hold of. Grab hold of the strength of the Word of victory that is power to us. Anchor it in your mind, in your heart, and in your thoughts!

Watch this Interview with Keith Miller & John Paul Jackson

Once we are through the gate named Christ and in the Holy of Holies, once we are clothed in righteousness, we don’t have to go back to the outer court or the inner court; we can remain in there. Through His blood, He made the way and made it possible.


"The Lord wants to empower His people to embark into new levels of destiny in Him."

You can walk in Christ’s stature and strength.  He wants us to operate out of the strength of Christ in us, the Spirit of might.   Keith L. Miller

Favor for the New!  Keith Miller



A New Era of Mighty Deeds by Keith Miller



Prayer and Decrees for your new year!

Praise the Lord! He has the key to all He has purposed for you and your household. And He is unlocking and releasing all He intends for you and your household. He finds such joy in releasing the golden showers of His reigning presence in your life, and He literally crowns you with His blessings. These blessings will fill your path with the abundance of divine destiny in Him!



Our souls rest in the truth that the Lord is our salvation and we have eternal covenant with Him. We rest in the joy of the union we find in Him—where His love and trust anchor us in the depths of faith so we may see that Christ is for us and that all things are working together for our good. Our trust is thus anchored in who the Lord is and, in turn, who He is to us. He is our rock.