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Today I want to talk to you about a key you can use to unlock God’s promises and see their fulfillment in your life. This key is learning to decree God’s will. While it seems simple, decrees of the Lord actually give voice to and establish His will. 

In the days of old, wise priests tended to the temple lampstand (menorah) located in the inner court of the tabernacle of the Lord, where the ark of God was.


The Breaker Anointing will flow through individuals, families, and groups. It will manifest in meetings, churches, and events. It will go citywide, regional, state-wide, national, and then international. 


The King of Glory Mighty is the Lord!

 A Fresh Stirring of the Holy Spirit for Visions, Blueprints, and open gates!

Recently in my quiet time with The Lord, I heard these words “Revelators Rise Up”. Get ready dear friends as The Lord is preparing a people whose words will be anointed. “Revelators” who will speak out of revelation. Gods People who will operate through access from the counsel room of God the courts of heaven.

I believe we have entered into a season of new things, a season of a greater flow and new depths of the rivers of the Holy Spirit so that the greater works will be manifested in our lives according to His mighty power that He supplies!


In this present time, I feel a powerful increase from the Lord to empower us to move from our current ability to a new level of power strength, or a greater ability of potential in the Lord. By Keith Miller


My prayer is that the most precious Holy Spirit would breathe upon this Word and cause it to become food for your hungry soul and that you will be motivated in such a powerful way that it will lead you to a place of communion with the Father which in turn, will usher His fullness in and through your life. Lord, let it be so, and let it be according to what You have made available to every believer at the Cross.


A word from God can change everything in an instant for you, and for the Body of Christ.