A Note From Keith and Janet
Hello, and Abundant Blessings to you:
Janet and I are so very grateful that the Lord has brought you to us as a partner in ministry. What a great year of effectiveness this 2017 has been. We are full of great expectancy and joy as we look to this New Year of 2018. We are calling this year “The Year of the Door of the Extraordinary.” We believe that it will be a very powerful year of beginnings, where we will see even Greater Glory that will release Great Manifestations of the Glory! Yes, Lord… In just the last few months, we have been experiencing the momentum of this increase, and we believe that it will be ever increasing in 2018.
This is a time to Arise and Shine because of the Glory of the Lord, and a time to make known and to display the goodness of the Lord to the world. As this year begins, we will see a time of magnification of the Glory in people's lives, cities, regions, and nations! This manifestation of His Glory will cause many to turn to the Lord, and it will also cause governments to begin seeking out the wisdom of God that will be made known by His Church. More and more, we will see the sons and daughters awakening to the fullness of the victory of the cross. From this revelation reformation they will live in and function out of the full favor of the Glory that will cause the desolations of many generations to be restored.
We are in a fresh time of newness that will bring great increase in our service to the Lord by the ample supply of the River that never ceases or runs dry. 
Your partnership and giving enables us to move with the movement of the Holy Spirit in taking new ground with all effectiveness and influence for the kingdom and Glory of God! I believe this advancement will be accelerated in 2018 because it will be a year of the extraordinary. In fact, I'm declaring that the extraordinary will become the ordinary… The scripture shows that because we are in partnership, our breakthroughs are your breakthroughs. Our increase in the Anointing with favor is your increase. Our accomplishments are counted as your accomplishments. Our rewards are your rewards. Amen!!
Do you know, my friends, that we are living church history not yet told? We are living history. Together, we are forming it, making it, writing it, and living it; and, we are filling the land and everyone in it with the Glory of the Lord. This ministry is seeing history not yet told. In a recent time with the Lord, He told me that the previous generation that we have looked to and esteemed for their great duty and service to the Lord should cause us to be stirred to have faith for our day, our day that in turn is to stir the next generation coming after ours for even greater realms and displays of Glory. To take spiritual ground in our day stirs the next generation following ours in turn to take the land before them.
I remember reading in the very early days of my Christian walk a quote from someone, “The world has not seen what the Holy Spirit can do with one person who is surrendered to Him.” We as a ministry have postured and positioned ourselves to be surrendered to Him so that we will be about the increase and establishing of the Kingdom of God. What we are talking about endeavoring to accomplish for God is to bring about the impact in people's lives that establishes and brings increase of the Kingdom of God, so much so that it spills over into their everyday lives and reveals and makes known the Glory of God. 
As I was praying a few weeks ago, the Lord said that He is giving prophetic insight and skill for living! I have been praying for you as our partners that He will give you prophetic insight for your now that will cause you to make great advancement for your future. Also, this skill for living is the excellence of the Spirit of the Lord leading you, anointing you, teaching you, gifting you, favoring you for success that will be so extraordinary that Your Father will receive the Glory.
Prophetic insight is the knowing of what God is saying and doing and where He is going. The Lord wants you to be successful in the path of life that He has for you. He will give you revelation and perspective that pertains to your life, vision, and destiny. With His insight, you will gain understanding and wisdom that will impact you and be life-forming for you. 
As I close, wonderful partners, I want to say again thank you so much for being partners with us in this ministry. At the close of each year, Janet, the SFWM Team, and I are simply amazed at all that the Lord has done through this ministry: the thousands of lives that are impacted through this ministry each year… the funds that we are able to give to those who are hurting because of the many natural disasters that have taken place… the training up of hundreds of people into the life of Christ and His purpose for their lives… the impact we’ve been able to have  through audio, visual, digital, and print media to thousands, not just in the USA, but in many other nations as well... I could share so much more, and my sharing of these accomplishments is only so that I can boast in the Lord and of you as our partner, for your love for the Lord and for His work.
As I said earlier, we do have a great joy and expectancy going into 2018. We would like to ask you to consider sowing your best year-end offering here at Stand Firm World Ministries. We know that the Lord will multiply your gift in many ways back to you.
We have put together eight messages this year from various friends that I know will be a blessing to you.
May the Lord crown your 2018 with His Presence, empower you with His power, and open up deeper depths of His word to you. May 2018 be an extraordinary year for you...
Love &  Blessings
Keith & Janet