A Note From Keith and Janet
We believe the best days are here and before us as the Lord builds His Church to fully express His glory upon the earth in a powerful way. 
Therefore, this year and the new decade is bound to be the most incredible time for the Church. 
We believe we have entered a great time of the Church being renewed, strengthened, and empowered. 
God will have for Himself a Church without spot or wrinkle. He will form for Himself a body of believers that will express Christ’s fullness on the earth. 
He will equip, empower, and mature a people to walk in and express Christ’s fullness. 
He will strengthen the Church to extend the victory of Jesus to those who are bound and have been plundered by the enemy.
We feel we have entered a time of significant increase for the Church through His people being built up in Him, walking in greater victory, and in turn, revealing and demonstrating in everyday life what it looks like to be ambassadors for Christ.
The reflection of His glory on our lives will significantly impact the people around us. This will be a great New Year and decade as the Lord is opening so much in the area of greater displays of His Power and Authority in public places. This will catch the attention of people revealing to them the restoration and redeeming Power of the Lord
and His Victory at the cross.
Thank you, Lord, for a mighty outpouring of Your Spirit through your Church.
Expect Great and Mighty Things,
Keith & Janet