A Note From Keith and Janet


When the river releases increase, the streams run deeper and broader and overflow into new ground.

The Lord has been speaking to me about an increase of the Spirit of Wisdom for our current time and for advancement. Wisdom plus the anointing equals advancement, and this equation equals success for you.
A few months ago, as I was praying for our monthly partners, I saw powerful wisdom equations being released to them. The background of the vision was a beautiful, rich, green, and the equations were brilliant yellow. As I asked the Lord what this was that I was seeing, He spoke to me that “this is what is needed.” I looked up the meaning of the word “equation,” and, in a nutshell, it means “this is for that.” The Lord is saying that this is wisdom that you need, with understanding. Of course, I instantly put together a phone call to all of our partners and shared the word with them, along with prayer for activation. 
During my special time that I set aside to be with the Lord during Rosh Hashanah, once again I was shown the Spirit of Wisdom and the Spirit of Understanding; this time the course of them was flowing deeper and broader and empowering for the new. This increase carries so much for you and me. I know that when the Lord imparted to me the Spirit of Wisdom, it forever changed my life and the lives of all those around me. This change for the better overflowed into my business from amazing innovation that came and kept us constantly busy with new inspiration that impacted my business field in a great way. So, I know firsthand the power of the activation of the Spirit of Wisdom. Far deeper even than this, my friends, Jesus moved in the Spirit of Wisdom with Understanding in a mighty way. He revealed what it looks like to live in constant, ever-increasing wisdom and understanding.
The Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding are two of the flows of the rivers from the Holy Spirit for you and me. This flow is perpetual and ever increasing, like a river. This flow is always available to us as we have need and allows us to live out of wisdom and understanding from the Lord.
Sometimes the Lord will highlight certain flows that He is accelerating or giving grace towards in increase; this is what is taking place for Wisdom and Understanding. He loves to show me what He is doing and how He is empowering His people for advancement in the Glory.
Wisdom and Understanding give us knowledge of the Lord and of His Ways.  This knowledge creates a deep, reverential love for Him that causes us to seek Him; and, this knowledge also creates a discernment. This discernment is for our times. It is also a discernment in ability of the activation of the Word and direction of the Lord for our lives, as well as for keys of knowledge that unlock the hidden things the Lord has for us. As we know these things, they are activation points to impact our spheres of influence. This means more than just coming up with a good idea; these are keys to release and activate the plan of the Lord that undoes the effects of the evil one and makes the plans of man to no avail.
We are in this time of increase of Wisdom and Understanding that will cause us to be accelerated in the will of God. This is a supernatural endowment from the Lord that brings increase. This increase is important for your life; we can and will move with Him in the way He is doing things. As we move with Him, we will be effective in the assignments of our lives to produce kingdom advancement and the Glory of the Lord being revealed. Human wisdom cannot produce this effect.
As we move with Wisdom in Understanding of this Knowledge of His will, we will also find a growing depth of the Spirit of Might operating in our lives; that is, supernatural boldness, or great confidence. When we, as His people, are given illumination from understanding of what the eye, ear, and our own thoughts cannot know, wisdom is also given to apply to our daily lives that will create confidence in the Lord, empowering you to walk out His purpose and plan. Human motivation causes us to have springboards of exhilaration, but resistance then causes the exhilaration to fade. When we understand what has been given to us by God through sonship, our exhilaration will never fade, but will ever increase. When we grow in wisdom, we grow in stature.
Please understand that the Father wants to empower you to succeed in your divine design. I am sharing this with you as a “NOW” Word that the Lord gave me to release for such a time as this. I know that when this is released, it isn’t just for the present moment, but it will impact your future as well. We are about to see a deeper and clearer understanding of another realm of Glory that is being given to us as a generation. I could share so much more with you on this as the Lord has given me access to future activation from Revelation that He will be releasing to impact your life, and as such to impact the nations!
As I close, I do want to share this part with you.. I want to share with you about the Transfer of wealth.. There are many ways our Father can release the wealth that has been stored up for us and for our effectiveness in life purposes. We know that we are always to tithe and to be sowers. In tithing and sowing, we also activate future increases in our natural wealth. Another of the ways the Lord brings about a transfer of wealth is through invocation of abilities and skills that take natural work to a supernatural level of ability. This releases the Glory of the Lord because people will see and acknowledge what is taking place to be God’s hand. “…and He has filled him with the Spirit of God, in wisdom and understanding, in knowledge and all manner of workmanship.” Exodus 35:31
I cannot fully express in words the deep stirring and joy that is in me as I share a small token of what the Lord has given me access to in the last few months, starting that morning that I was praying for our partners, and following that during Rosh Hashanah.
It is a very empowering time, my friends…  
Love and Blessings,
Keith & Janet



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