The Father's Blessing: Encountering the Word and Spirit


Fathers Blessing

Revelation of the Power of Atonement.

Limited knowledge of the power of the blood of Jesus Christ will keep us from greater depths of faith and seeing the blessing of the power of the blood in our life.

When we understand the power of Atonement it revolutionizes every aspect of life.

Prophetic Note:

The revelation knowledge of the covenant. The power of Atonement! Revelation of The power of the Blood will bring wells of salvation.

  - The power of unity with biblical truth.

  - The importance of the power of Atonement.

  - Understanding the Power of the Blood.

  - Every area of life becomes brand new.

  - Understand what we have through the blood. 


What does the blood do:

  • Redeems, reconciles, cleanses, and empowers us.
  • God's desire is to dwell with His people!
  • The blood reconciles us, His people, back to His original place of communion with Him. 
  • Revival brings reformation, or a re-establishing of a truth.
  • Truth set people free!
  • There is no redemption without the blood!
  • We cannot enjoy the blessing of living water without the Blood.
  • There are two rivers the river of living water, and the Blood.  Ezekiel 47:9
  • Because of the blood we can live in unlimited access to the Father. 
  • Jesus paved the way to the Holy of Holy's through His blood.
  • Because of the Blood of Christ the enemy has been defeated and has no rights over you! Decree this! This is a powerful truth!
  • This is an everlasting covenant!   "Praise the Lord"
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